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Nia Archives – “Silence Is Loud”

Nia Archives online. Another entry in OPE! ever-growing “I’m very very very late to the party but I still love it enough that I want to talk about it” catalog. What a song. I’m mindful that I’m coming across as the same 40-year-olds who thought Wet Leg were the next Beatles. Whatever. Nia Archives has […]

DOLLHOUSE – “Be Nice to Me (Part II)”

DOLLHOUSE on Bandcamp. I have nothing smart to say about this DOLLHOUSE song (and EP) that makes me feel a whole lotta lotta. “Be Nice to Me (Part II)” feels like someone jumping through my laptop wearing jorts and yelling “YR LIFE SUCKZ NERDZ” and me politely nodding in severe agreement as we mosh in […]

Liquid Mike – “American Caveman”

Liquid Mike on Bandcamp. How folks talked about Wednesday and MJ Lenderman last year is how I feel about Liquid Mike. The new album is pretty good and very good at times, but “American Caveman” is stunning. Feels like the Michigan sun slapping you in the face while teaching you how to canoe and believe […]

Coco – “Do This Right”

Coco on Bandcamp. I’m imagining the same sad yet beautiful horizon that David Berman and Jason Molina once looked upon and wondered if it’s worth it. Not the desire to want to believe that it’s worth it. I think we all know that’s worth it. But just … is it worth it? I don’t know […]

Waxahatchee – “Right Back to It” (ft. MJ Lenderman)

Waxahatchee on Bandcamp. Look I don’t like Lenderman but don’t tell the rest of Washed Music Critic Twitter that, like their opinions about anything Wednesday, assumes it’s perfect and ha ha amazing and wowe zowe isn’t shoegaze back baby. Ugh. Fine. You know who’s actually amazing? Waxahatchee. St. Cloud? Wonderful. Stunning. Yes yes. Probably a […]