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Clairo – “Sexy to Someone”

Clairo is boring but at least not grating.

Matty – “FOOL 4 U”

Fine, I’ll gift him my firstborn.

Phish – “Oblivion”

Phish sucks a bag of your cousin's used socks. I love Phish.

Vince Staples – “Shame on the Devil”

Technically impressive and immediately forgettable. Vince is back!

Billie Eillish – “LUNCH”

Damn, Billie hired an actual bass player.

Hagop Tchaparian – “Treacle”

Hagop Tchaparian on Bandcamp. I have a snake in my boot and it’s telling me that liking Hagop

The Bug Club – “Quality Pints”

The Bug Club on Bandcamp. Someone make sure Edgar Wright hasn’t had a spasm and a half from

beabadoobee – “Take A Bite”

beabadoobee online. beabadoobee, why are you listening to

Gryphon Rue – “High Priestess”

Gryphon Rue on Bandcamp. Gryphon Rue makes me want to steal Tom Ripley’s sweater vest and

Kendrick Lamar – “Not Like Us”

Kendrick Lamar on YouTube. The dust has settled for now and it seems like “Not Like Us”

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross – “Yeah x10”

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross on YouTube. Are we so desperate for sex and human connection that

Dua Lipa – “Illusion”

Dua Lipa on YouTube. Dua Lipa, by nature of being a pop musician who isn’t Taylor Swift,

Jessica Pratt – “The Last Year”

Jessica Pratt on Bandcamp. Is Jessica Pratt the indie Adele? Pops up every few years, dominates the

The Joy – “Amaqatha Amancane”

The Joy on YouTube. The bass singer deserves a raise. Beautiful harmonies. Forgive the bad wordplay

Charly Bliss – “Nineteen”

Charly Bliss on Bandcamp. I mean, I guess Lady Gaga and 2018-era The 1975 are cool again. Did Charly

Sabrina Carpenter – “Espresso”

Sabrina Carpenter online. I like Sabrina Carpenter and “Espresso” how I like seltzer

Yannis & The Yaw – “Walk Through Fire” feat. Tony Allen

Yannis & The Yaw online. Bad music video, good jam, great Tony Allen, really great first

Hockey Dad – “Safety Pin”

Hockey Dad on Bandcamp. I have to be a little guarded talking about Hockey Dad because I’m

Finom – “Haircut”

Finom on Bandcamp. LCD Soundsystem if the bandleader wasn’t shit. Good music video, too. I

dust – “Trust U See”

dust on Bandcamp. Longtime OPE! readers will know that a band like dust is right up my alley: spooky

Ben Seretan – “New Air”

Ben Seretan on Bandcamp. Ben Seretan felt like a great open secret in 2020 until I realized this

Noé Socha – “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”

Noé Socha online. My buddy Adam just turned me on to Noé Socha, who’s making the rounds on the

Taylor Swift – “The Tortured Poets Department”

Taylor Swift online. Yesterday I was walking past The Grove in Los Angeles and saw a dog urinating

Nia Archives – “Silence Is Loud”

Nia Archives online. Another entry in OPE! ever-growing “I’m very very very late to the

Fontaines D.C. – “Starburster”

Fontaines D.C. online. Oh no, Fontaines D.C. discovered bright colors and drum machines and novels

Jamie xx – “Baddy On The Floor” (feat. Honey Dijon)

Jamie xx online. I like “Baddy On The Floor” and I am now officially worried about the


Cindy Lee online. OPE! is all about song reviews, yet Cindy Lee decided to smear our good name and

Jhariah – “PIN-EYE”

Jhariah on YouTube. Dog bless the theater kid with a truckload of confidence. Jhariah is a

Katie Pruitt – “Self Sabotage”

Katie Pruitt on Bandcamp. Phoebe Bridgers if she was more of a Jaco “Portrait of Tracy”

DOLLHOUSE – “Be Nice to Me (Part II)”

DOLLHOUSE on Bandcamp. I have nothing smart to say about this DOLLHOUSE song (and EP) that makes me

Antenna – “Lost”

Antenna on Bandcamp. Another winner from the recent see/saw round-up of amazing Bandcamp punk

Alien Nosejob – “The Executioner”

Alien Nosejob on Bandcamp. Evan Minsker starts a new punk blog (see/saw) and immediately shares a

Wisp – “Pandora”

Wisp on YouTube. Happy EP release day to an artist who blew me away when I saw her live—her

bad tuner – “repeat to fade” (feat. Pollena)

bad tuner on Bandcamp. I meant to write about bad tuner back when “24 hours” came out

DeepFaith – “PATTI SMITH”

DeepFaith on YouTube. I caught DeepFaith live for the first time a few months ago in someone’s

Susan Bear – “Drift”

Susan Bear on Bandcamp. I literally reviewed Truman Black yesterday so Susan Bear must have bought a

Truman Black – “Loads of Crisps”

Truman Black on SoundCloud. As a member of the unpopular “I like electronic music when

Tommy Boys – “College Radio”

Tommy Boys on Bandcamp. Tommy Boys are new to me and apparently to most of us. Their lone 2015

Yoko Kanno – “Blue” (Feat. Maya)

Yoko Kanno online. Yoko Kanno’s original “Blue” plays out over the surreal finale

Justin Timberlake – “No Angels”

Justin Timberlake online. I’m delayed in talking about Justin Timberlake because 1) I was out

Adrianne Lenker – “Fool”

Adrianne Lenker on Bandcamp. What beautiful nonsense. I’m a recovering Big Thief fan—I enjoyed

Tanlines – “Barefoot”

Tanlines on Bandcamp. One second in and I’m hooked with a glistening trio of keys, Nashville

Ariana Grande – “we can’t be friends (wait for your love)”

Ariana Grande online. I wonder how Robyn feels about Ariana Grande. Maybe it’s a complement to

Ryan Gosling – “I’m Just Ken (Oscar’s Version)”

Ryan Gosling on IMDb (lol). Two stars for Slash. One star for Ryan Gosling for doing the bare

Margaux – “DNA”

Margaux on Massif Records. What a dreamy dream of a tune. Or maybe it’s a dreamy tune of a

Sheer Mag – “Tea On The Kettle”

Sheer Mag on Bandcamp. I reviewed the new Sheer Mag album for Pitchfork. It was a hard assignment to

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Wild God”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds online. Like most artists I like, Nick Cave walks the thin line

Liquid Mike – “American Caveman”

Liquid Mike on Bandcamp. How folks talked about Wednesday and MJ Lenderman last year is how I feel

Faye Webster – “Lego Ring” (feat. Lil Yachty)

Faye Webster on Bandcamp. Natalie Prass walked so Faye Webster could jog into the hearts of boring

Groovy Movies – “Palm Of Her Hand”

Groovy Movies on Bandcamp. So this is what Revolver-era Beatles sounds like without all the drugs

St. Vincent – “Broken Man”

St. Vincent online. The music video CGI fire is really bad in an otherwise interesting and,

DIIV – “Brown Paper Bag”

DIIV on Bandcamp. The joke about ChatGPT writing a shoegaze song is overused but in the case of

MGMT – “Dancing In Babylon” (feat. Christine and the Queens)

MGMT on Bandcamp. MGMT might have my song of the 21st century with “Time to Pretend.” I

Kings Of Leon – “Mustang”

Kings Of Leon online. I clipped my toenails this morning and those four minutes were more fulfilling

Vampire Weekend – “Gen-X Cops”

Vampire Weekend online. I’m cheating here because I wrote the track review of “Gen-X

Asha Jefferies – “Brand New Bitch”

Asha Jefferies on Bandcamp. I’m a few weeks late on this Asha Jefferies song but better late

Beyoncé – “Texas Hold ‘Em”

Beyoncé online (imagine if she was on Bandcamp). Beyoncé’s worst song in years and, as my

Ducks Ltd. – “Hollowed Out”

Ducks Ltd. on Bandcamp. On paper, I should love the new Ducks Ltd. album. I love the last album

The Last Dinner Party – “Nothing Matters”

The Last Dinner Party on Bandcamp. The Last Dinner Party should have released this album a year ago

Oisin Leech – “Colour of the Rain”

Oisin Leech on Bandcamp. Fleet Foxes but not annoying? I’ll listen to anything with Steve

Paramore – “Burning Down the House”

Paramore on YouTube (but save your views for something else). What a boring cover. Gross. I hate

Ariel Kalma, Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer – “Écoute Au Loin”

Ariel Kalma, Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer on Bandcamp. Is International Anthem the best

Porij – “My Only Love”

Porij on Bandcamp. Glad the 22, A Million choir escaped Justin Vernon. “I love how this

Coco – “Do This Right”

Coco on Bandcamp. I’m imagining the same sad yet beautiful horizon that David Berman and Jason

David Nance & Mowed Sound – “Mock The Hours”

David Nance on Bandcamp. I’ve come around to Third Man Records core. I would kill to hear

Nick Schofield – “Picture Perfect”

Nick Schofield on Bandcamp. Looks like someone stole the synths from Uncut Gems and made better

Yard Act – “We Make Hits”

Yard Act’s website. I reviewed the last Yard Act album for Pitchfork and enjoyed it quite a

Logic1000 – “Grown On Me”

Logic1000 on Bandcamp. This is what I wish Fred again.. did more of instead of just fist-pumping to

Waxahatchee – “Right Back to It” (ft. MJ Lenderman)

Waxahatchee on Bandcamp. Look I don’t like Lenderman but don’t tell the rest of Washed