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Finom – “Haircut”

Finom on Bandcamp. LCD Soundsystem if the bandleader wasn’t shit. Good music video, too. I like the idea of hearing more bands like Finom and songs like “Haircut” and taking it as a sign that more people are going back to dance clubs and being out and about in the world again. Or maybe I […]

dust – “Trust U See”

dust on Bandcamp. Longtime OPE! readers will know that a band like dust is right up my alley: spooky riffs made by weirdos who love melody. Aka seductive smooth Internet jazz. Even if post-Britpop post-punk isn’t cool anymore (a scene I still love as someone who interviewed black midi around their debut album), there’s a […]

Ben Seretan – “New Air”

Ben Seretan on Bandcamp. Ben Seretan felt like a great open secret in 2020 until I realized this past week that every single other music critic also loved “Power Zone.” You can be talented in music and in picking the right publicist apparently. Or maybe the music was just good? Worst case, Allura turns Seretan […]

Noé Socha – “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”

Noé Socha online. My buddy Adam just turned me on to Noé Socha, who’s making the rounds on the Internet for his very seductive John Mayer cover that replaces Mayer’s vocals with a railroad harmonica that literally made me go “holy shit.” A quality blues player. A a nice cheat code too for listening to […]

Taylor Swift – “The Tortured Poets Department”

Taylor Swift online. Yesterday I was walking past The Grove in Los Angeles and saw a dog urinating on deluxe vinyls of Joni Mitchell’s For the Roses, Michelle Branch’s The Spirit Room, and Mitski’s Laurel Hell, and I thought well, at least that dog didn’t write the lyrics to The Tortured Poets Department. Now, I […]

Nia Archives – “Silence Is Loud”

Nia Archives online. Another entry in OPE! ever-growing “I’m very very very late to the party but I still love it enough that I want to talk about it” catalog. What a song. I’m mindful that I’m coming across as the same 40-year-olds who thought Wet Leg were the next Beatles. Whatever. Nia Archives has […]

Fontaines D.C. – “Starburster”

Fontaines D.C. online. Oh no, Fontaines D.C. discovered bright colors and drum machines and novels published after 1922. The music videos get better while the songwriting gets lazier. Or am I using “lazy” as lazy criticism for a band that wants to try new tricks after spending the past few years living in the shadow […]

Jamie xx – “Baddy On The Floor” (feat. Honey Dijon)

Jamie xx online. I like “Baddy On The Floor” and I am now officially worried about the new Jamie xx album. In Colour had to grow on me but I now appreciate it as the last gasp of optimism of the early 2010s among music fans who don’t have any friends outside of New York […]


Cindy Lee online. OPE! is all about song reviews, yet Cindy Lee decided to smear our good name and release a new album only on YouTube (and on some Geocities website, linked above) and package the whole thing as one continuous listen. Most artists I come across while doing research for OPE! also pull this […]

Jhariah – “PIN-EYE”

Jhariah on YouTube. Dog bless the theater kid with a truckload of confidence. Jhariah is a compelling and clear talent as a singer and performer. I wonder what he would sound like if his manager emailed him a LinkedIn Learning Course on singing with melody and not just spamming listeners with church choir yelling. When […]

Katie Pruitt – “Self Sabotage”

Katie Pruitt on Bandcamp. Phoebe Bridgers if she was more of a Jaco “Portrait of Tracy” head and her entire personality didn’t scream “Did you know I’m from LA! !! !!! hahaa hah ha!!!” Oh wow, someone who can actually play guitar. I’ve been listening to more Glen Campbell ever since I moved to LA, […]

DOLLHOUSE – “Be Nice to Me (Part II)”

DOLLHOUSE on Bandcamp. I have nothing smart to say about this DOLLHOUSE song (and EP) that makes me feel a whole lotta lotta. “Be Nice to Me (Part II)” feels like someone jumping through my laptop wearing jorts and yelling “YR LIFE SUCKZ NERDZ” and me politely nodding in severe agreement as we mosh in […]

Antenna – “Lost”

Antenna on Bandcamp. Another winner from the recent see/saw round-up of amazing Bandcamp punk records, except I know the lead singer. “Know” as in I used to be a big Royal Headache fan. It’s nice to see that that band’s frontman has landed on his feet by making music that memyselfandi like. Amazing how self-care […]

Alien Nosejob – “The Executioner”

Alien Nosejob on Bandcamp. Evan Minsker starts a new punk blog (see/saw) and immediately shares a bunch of amazing Bandcamp punk records and now we have competition and oh no we’ve already lost The Battle of the Blog™ to Evan and now OPE! is doomed to be a site just for posers and nerds and […]

Wisp – “Pandora”

Wisp on YouTube. Happy EP release day to an artist who blew me away when I saw her live—her second-ever show apparently—a few months ago in the back room of a posh Chinese restaurant full of well-dressed young folk experiencing the mind-melting power of shoegaze and actual songwriting in real-time. The now maybe-too-well-documented rise of […]

bad tuner – “repeat to fade” (feat. Pollena)

bad tuner on Bandcamp. I meant to write about bad tuner back when “24 hours” came out but was so aw-struck by their attempt to write an MFA take on Moby that I had to spend a few weeks recovering my breath and eyesight. Some washed Gen X executive probably watched this music video and […]

DeepFaith – “PATTI SMITH”

DeepFaith on YouTube. I caught DeepFaith live for the first time a few months ago in someone’s quaint little home in LA, which was also the first time I heard any of DeepFaith’s music. The show felt like an IKEA rave, if the band members covered themselves in Swedish meatball goo and threw Das Kapital […]

Susan Bear – “Drift”

Susan Bear on Bandcamp. I literally reviewed Truman Black yesterday so Susan Bear must have bought a Home Goods walkie-talkie (ordered from The Grove of course) and has a hotline with the Milky Way’s underpaid intern and was like “Oh BOY do I have a song for you that’ll make you want to lick a […]

Truman Black – “Loads of Crisps”

Truman Black on SoundCloud. As a member of the unpopular “I like electronic music when it’s made by rock dudes” club, of course I like Matt Healy’s Diet Coke take on introvert club music, where the club is in my room at night watching YouTube Dark Souls recaps by strangers I’d probably not like in […]

Tommy Boys – “College Radio”

Tommy Boys on Bandcamp. Tommy Boys are new to me and apparently to most of us. Their lone 2015 self-titled album is their only Bandcamp release other than a few demos, and their new release Tommy Boys Remix is a “light” remix (as in “very” light) of …. you guessed it. I bring this up […]

Yoko Kanno – “Blue” (Feat. Maya)

Yoko Kanno online. Yoko Kanno’s original “Blue” plays out over the surreal finale of Cowboy Bebop, an anime that has aged better than most shows reduced to your high school’s ex-boyfriend’s Hot Topic trash pile. (Remember when Creed sucked?) The Cowboy Bebop soundtrack (still great) might still be what most people know Yoko Kanno by. […]

Justin Timberlake – “No Angels”

Justin Timberlake online. I’m delayed in talking about Justin Timberlake because 1) I was out on vacation throughout most of March and 2) I never felt compelled to form a thought to think about thinking about a new Justin Timberlake album. This doesn’t mean I hate the guy or his music. Timberlake reminds me of […]

Adrianne Lenker – “Fool”

Adrianne Lenker on Bandcamp. What beautiful nonsense. I’m a recovering Big Thief fan—I enjoyed their first album and quickly fell off when I realized that they can only rewrite three different songs—but even I have to admit I was struck by “Fool.” What a hook. “Fool” makes me remember that Lenker is a creative guitar […]

Tanlines – “Barefoot”

Tanlines on Bandcamp. One second in and I’m hooked with a glistening trio of keys, Nashville guitars (sure, why not Nashville), and a drummer who at least knows how to YouTube “how to have a soul and a soul patch while attempting a disco beat in 2024.” “Barefoot” only has one good idea but at […]

Ariana Grande – “we can’t be friends (wait for your love)”

Ariana Grande online. I wonder how Robyn feels about Ariana Grande. Maybe it’s a complement to Robyn’s Honey (still great) that Grande felt like she could Disney-fy Robyn’s melancholic disco frisbee and use it as a tribute to a sad movie about a creepy Jim Carrey falling in love again with falling in love, heartbreak […]